Welcome to Riverbend Studios South

Riverbend Studios was the original name Steve created for our first studio we were assembled in Collinsville.  As I said on the Riverbend North page it seemed natural that since we both liked the Riverbend name, that when we put together another studio in South Tulsa, that we would call it Riverbend South.  The original is the one in Collinsville, however.  The South studio (where Rex lives) is, at this time, more potent being the fully digital studio.  Much of Riverbend (North) was brought down to the South location for the creation of Hydrant.  Steve continues to rebuild the North site since he does most of the music creation & has withdrawals when he doesn't have access to his studio. Rex does most of the techno/computer stuff being an electrical engineer.  This kind of teamwork has served us well over the years.  This way we can blame each other for most anything. Over time Riverbend South has grown exponentially since Rex is a moron and spends money like he actually has some. So the picture on the left is what the layout USED to look like and the one on the right is up to date. You can also find more info on this setup at Home Recording Studio Expert

Mackie mixdown console, Boss Dr-5 drum machine, ADAT recorder and Layla digital recorderMackie 16:8 Mixer, Twin HD LED Monitors, Event 2020BAS Monitors

On the left is our Mackie mixdown console (16:8) with a Boss DR-5 drum machine, 2 AR monitors, an ADAT recorder , Layla digital recorder, Cassette & Receiver. On the right is the updated version with a new custom mixdown desk, 2 EVENT 2020BAS Bi-Amplified Monitors, the Mackie 16:8 and computer keyboard.


Layla and ADAT The NEW Riverbend Studio South

Above is our new Layla digital recorder on top of the ADAT.  We  used the ADAT to cut Hydrant.  The ADAT uses SVHS tapes.  The Layla uses 1's & 0's off the hard drive. We had the Layla on order for around 6 months.  We only had it 3 or 4 months when this picture was taken. The picture immediately to the right of that is the NEW Riverbend Studio South. This picture was taken before I added dueling HD LED Monitors. Note all the rackmount gear. It just keeps growing.

Studio picture with lots of stuff and Mexican blankets

The Mexican blankets on the walls to absorb some of the highs used to be all the acoustic treatment we had.  Besides they look cool.  Brought the blankets back from Ensinada Mexico. Now we have some genuine acoustic foam on the walls as well as a prized quilt that my mom made. Pictures to follow.

Studio picture with 100 W Marshall stack and weight bench

The ole' 100W Marshall stack, Alesis QS6 keyboard & Universal weight bench. Hey we can play a rock concert & workout at the same time!  We slide the weight bench back to make more room when we are working.  That's how we get our exercise! There is now a Korg M50 we added to the list too. You can see it in one of the big pictures of the new studio configuration.

Mackie 16:8 Mixdown console

The Mackie is quiet & loaded with controls.  We are still looking for the "talent boost button" on it.  "Oh look Steve, I think I found it!!!"

Spike, Nigel and Ian.  Boss drum machines

We don't want to keep you in suspense any more....Meet Spike, Nigel & Ian.  They are our electronic drummers.  Spike (left) plays most of Steve's songs, Nigel (right) plays Rex's.  Ian (below) is a new addition that still needs training.  These guys are hard working, reliable, don't take smoke breaks & don't take a cut of the millions that we make from our fame & fortune. Spike & Nigel are Boss DR-5s & Ian is a Boss DR-770.  We often say they are the most talented members of Krypton Dog.  They never make mistakes.  They never get tired.  They could play a toe tapping polka, but then we would have to smash them to bits!  Steve hates the fakey handclapping sound so much that he removed it from Ian's brain.   Poooor Ian. 

The new hotrod digital studio computer w/ Emagic Logic Audio software

Our newest addition is a PIII 800 MHz computer with 128MB RAM, a 20G HD (ATA 66).  It holds the card to talk to the Layla which is a 24bit digital audio recorder.  I think I hear the ADAT (16bit tape) crying in the corner.  It's the way of the future.  Our upcoming CD will all be done on the Layla.  Hydrant was done on the ADAT.  We are running the Emagic Logic Audio Platinum software.  It is waaaay smarter than we are. (Update)Of course, everything I just told you is no longer our system. We now have a dual core 3GHz Pentium about a TB of hard drive. Further... we changed to Cubase SX2. I got tired of Logic Audio crashing every 5 minutes. Cubase SX2 while not the latest, is massively more stable than Logic was. I am sure Logic is better now too. I also have Mixcraft 6 and Sonar X2 as well. Lots of stuff to play with. My brain is about to explode!

Last update 11/7/12

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