Riverbend Studios North

Riverbend Studios is the name Steve created for our first studio we were assembling in Collinsville.  Steve's house was along the Caney River at the end of a dead end road.  Sometimes the river came to see him up close & personal.  It was responsible for themes that we use such as the name of the studio & songs such as The River.  It seemed natural that since we both liked the Riverbend name, that when we put together another studio in South Tulsa, that we would call it Riverbend South.  This studio is an updated version of the original.  Sorry we don't have any photos of the original Riverbend Studios at this time.  Yes, reel to reel tape recorders were involved.  Now he lives in a gated community like normal folks. No more flooding for the "Bassdog".


The new Riverbend Studios North

Here is the business end of Riverbend North.  Steve has a Mackie console, 2 Event monitors, Spike & Ian (drum machines), Klipsch towers, & an Alesis power amp acquired after this photo.  Note, that these studios never quit growing (isn't that right Deb?)  Laying around you will see assorted shrines to Bassdog's favorite artists such as Jeff Beck & Porsches in miniature.

Note the ADAT stack, Event monitor and Jeff Beck Shrine

To the right you'll notice a stack that contains the ADAT, graphic eq, Alesis compressor & the new Line 6 POD.  Yes, this is the stack that is in the pictures of Riverbend South.  We move stuff around to make it look like we have more stuff & hope you don't notice.  Seriously, though, the ADAT is no longer needed at the South location & is supremely useful in high quality documentation as tunes (sorry...I mean genius epics) are created by Bassdog in his "doghouse".  

Bass guitars and guitars with all 6 strings

Steve has had this Fender Precision bass(left) as long as I have known him.  It is a reliable quality bass that weighs about as much as a battleship.  The new Ibanez SR series bass is the nicest, most versatile bass I have ever been exposed to.  It plays like a dream.  Dressed in red is an old Framus that needs a little work.  On the right is a Gibson Les Paul.  Unfortunately, the beautiful finish on the Les Paul doesn't come out in this photo.  It has since been replaced by an American Deluxe Stratocaster. 


Mackie console with "Talent Boost"

Here is a newer picture with a closeup of the Mackie's "Talent Boost Button" (Lord knows Steve needs it).  Note that this photo has the Alesis power amp in view.  

Proof of his Genius-ness

Of course, Steve has PROOF he's good.  Autograph says "To the world's greatest bass player".  Who could argue with THIS gal.


Ian, Spike, Nigel and David

Above is a picture of our 4 hardworking drummers.  Ian, Spike, Nigel & David.  See ... they fit on a shelf.  Real drummers don't.  But on the downside real drummers don't require electricity.  

Oh well ... life is hard.


Shrine to the OTHER rock God (besides Leaddog)

The "Official" Jeff Beck Shrine.


Ripley and Steve

The famous "Bassdog" and his pet at that time Ripley.

Last update 11/7/12

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