This is the printed material that you get with Hydrant.

Autographed by the artists

Inside page         Front Cover

Front and inside jacket cover



Back Cover

Back Cover Art


CD Artwork

CD label


Note: At this time Hydrant is done on a CD-R.  This means that it was recorded on a computer CD drive.  The label is an adhesive backed label & is not silk-screened on like the ordinary CD from the store.  We think you'll agree, however, that it is a nice job.  

  It comes with a full no questions asked money back guarantee   If you are not 100% satisfied we will return your money.   So what could you POSSIBLY have to lose?  Get yours today.

We put a quality job into the contents of this CD because it is our baby.  We hope you approve.  As special incentive the next 100 CD's starting with Serial #10000 will all be signed by the artists.  These will no doubt become collector's items.  (Do you know anyone ELSE that has them?)  

Last update 05/04/02

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