Frequently asked questions

Big frequently asked questions for our small minds

Q.    Is it true that you are rich and famous?

A.    Yes we are not rich and famous.


Q.    Do you really play all the instruments on the CD?

A.    Yes.  Every instrument is played by us.  This requires the magic of overdubs.  Even the drum machines have every click, thud & crash programmed in on a note by note basis. This can take days or even MONTHS to do sometimes.  You don't just sit down & spew a song on drums unless you want it to sound like a chinka - chinka box.  In other words the patterns would repeat too often and there wouldn't be the "human" feel to it.  We spend as much time learning how to do the drum parts as we do the other instruments we play.


Q.    The sound of the drums is excellent.  The drums are so clear.  How many microphones do you use?

A.    You weren't paying attention were you?  Drum machines don't need microphones you just plug 'em in.  We do use the best drum machines money can buy.  No kidding!


Q.    Does Krypton Dog have anything to do with Superman or his dog.

A.    Not at all.  We independently chose our half of the name to get a certain "flavor" to it.  It wasn't until later that we even noticed any connection.  Krypton is an inert monatomic gas (chosen by Rex) to have that high tech sound.  We noticed that Krypton is found in small quantities in the atmosphere like our talent.  Dog was chosen by Steve wanting that "Dog pound" kind of feel.  He always wanted to be one of the "dogs" & now he is.  No, neither of us is a Superman aficionado.


Q.    Are you guys for real?

A.    Depends on what you mean.  We love music.  We play all the instruments you hear.  We wrote all the songs ourselves.  We recorded it ourselves in a recording studio we designed ourselves.  We designed the CD artwork ourselves.  We designed this web page ourselves.  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US ANYWAY ????

The questions below were submitted from the web

Q.    Could you list your upcoming tour dates : By Jamie Forrester A.K.A Kayak Dog

A.    Sure, Upcoming Schedule as follows:

            NOWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!           

What kind of wise guy asked this question?  We're a studio band our band !!!!  But we still think you'll like our CD.

Now here's YOUR chance to become really famous & or obnoxious! 

If you have a question that you think would be a good one for the FAQ email us at .  If we like it we will add it to the list.  

Last update 07/29/05

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