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Bassdog;s Red 914.  It has a 2 liter engine with weber carbs.

This daily driver is a 1.8 liter screamer owned by bassdog. It was recently warmed over by this famous AA jet mechanic.  The 914 handles like a dream due to the mid engine configuration.  A  914 setup properly can outhandle the Porsche 911 family since the 911 is rear engine.


Bassdog's yellow Porsche 914...momma is supposed to get this someday...right Steve?

This baby originally owned by leaddog was autocrossed for a few years & died of dissection.  Soon to be resurrected by the new owner, bassdog . We are anticipating a spare JT8 Pratt & Whitney engine from a Boeing 727 to be the power plant.  It'll look good at 36,000 feet don't you think?


Leaddog's 1985.5 Porsche 944.  This car handles well & gets great gas mileage when he can keep his foot out of it !

Here is Leaddog's daily driver.  It's got a ton of miles & has already gotten another engine due to a brain-fart by the Leaddog in charge.  This one is a front engine car with an honest to God heater & AC unit.  It is fast, fuel efficient & great handling.  I really enjoy driving it.


This is Leaddog's Porsche 930 that can scare the HELL out of you!  Guess what it's license plate says?

This is leaddog's 400HP fire breathing 911 turbo (930) known as "The Beast".  3.3 liter engine with Group B race cams, K27 turbo with Andial fuel enrichment system, & Andial intercooler.  Huge stainless exhaust.  Tires as wide as a coffee table.  It is not allowed outside when it might rain.  This car has the acceleration of a superbike.  What does the licence tag say........"Leaddog" of course.

The Beast, the Strat and acres of pecan trees.

I have gotten requests to add more photos of this baby, so here it is down at "the dead end of Highway 20".  The Fender Strat. will appear in upcoming CD yet to be named.  Mrs. Bassdog made fun of me for taking pictures of the car in her yard.  I think her yard makes a beautiful background for black on black.  The river is beyond those trees.

Porsche ...There is no substitute

Last update 05/04/02

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