Bass Dog (AKA Steve Willingham)

Playin' bass licks in Omega.  Cool hat huh?

This was Steve as he appeared in the band Omega.


Foxglove...Steve Willingham, Keith Broadrick and David Baker.

This is the band called Foxglove.  It had Steve Willingham on bass (left), Keith Broadrick on Drums & David Baker on Guitar.  (No that's not Rex...see no sparkle jacket)

What a sweetie !  She looks tougher than she is.  Unless you are a possum that wandered into the yard.

 This is Steve's baby...Maggie...she could rip your arms off & DOES if you are a squirrel.

Steve at a promo shoot for Cobalt Blue in 1976


Perforated Goat in the aircraft machine shop.  Steve Willingham, Doug Graue and Rex Turner.

Hang on to yer hats boys, it's Perforated Goat !

Of course this was just a fun name.  We were only brave enough to use that name live a few times.  Mostly for a party or two. We have Steve (left), Doug Graue on drums & Rex (right) on lead guitar.  This is what it looks like when you have band practice in an aircraft machine shop.  Note the engine mounts up on the wall.

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