Krypton Dog is an indie rock group from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We have been together for years and have compiled a CD of all original songs.  Our first CD is called Hydrant . You will find a variety of songs on this CD which might remind you of our many influences  such as ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin.  You will find songs that vary from blues to hard rock.  You get 10 sizzling instrumentals & vocal songs.  

If you decide you would like a copy of the entire CD you can order your own.

Songs from the CD Hydrant were featured on KMOD Radio in Tulsa


Songs (demo)                                                    


RATROC - 4:17 (clip =30sec)                                                                     MP3 598K

Missin' My Baby - 5:00 (clip =50sec)                                                         MP3 856K

Page By Page - 4:41

Run Away - 7:59

Bury The Bone - 4:58(clip=1:20)                                                           MP3 1284K

Black Heart - 4:24(clip = 1:18)                                                                             MP3 1165K

Sundown - 4:02(clip  = 1:00)                                                                                    MP3 1189K

Detroit Iron Blues - 6:33

The River - 6:21(clip = 2:00)                                                                                   MP3 1801K

Sirius Days - 8:23(clip =1:13)                                                                  MP3 1166K

There is  almost an hour of music on this CD!

Now Available for Sale

Lead the pack and get your copy of Hydrant today !

Rex Turner (Leaddog) and Steve Willingham (Bassdog) acting silly  

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One of our "Friends of Krypton Dog" says...
"I was just going to let you guys know how good you sound...I have a copy of Hydrant and really enjoy it.  "24 dieing cats screaming in my ear" where did you come up with that and the $ amount owed to the auto doctor?" (referring to lyrics in the song Detroit Iron Blues)
 Dater Ludes,

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